KMS 3.3 W8T Full Free Download with Crack\Serial key\Patch\Activator

Ahmed Fauzan // Tuesday

KMS 3.3 W8T Full Free Download with Crack\Serial key\Patch\Activator

KMS 3.3 W8T |12.5 MB

Introducing KMS 3.3 W8T latest Versionn Full Free Download.KMS 3.3 W8T is an online and offline
activator for Windows and Office .This is part of the platform next to hack activation and self-activation-8.7 is the W8T.

I'll post it apart to make a tribute to Heldigard, who has worked vigorously to create a very small miniKMS fully functional

I set the execution to make it compatible with version 8.7 of the hack-8
He also built monitoring and a menu of options
It also has options including online activation

Description :

-1 - Automatic online KMS Activator for Enterprise and PRO versions (versions N included)
-2 - KMS Activator allows manual online after entering the IP or server name online to activate
-3 - KMS Activator offline (without internet) through miniKMS of heldigard to:
--- A --- enable w8 32 and 64 bit Enterprise and PRO (N versions included)
--- B --- activate office 2010 and 2013 VL both 64 and 32-bit
--- C --- Convert the versions of office retail in VL
-4 - Menu of options for selecccionar
-5 - Monitor Sequence and incidence of the whole process
-6 - Script final activation state information of the monitor and presenting program that is fixed and the final state must be closed manually

METHOD-1> W8T_KMS miniKMS activation (minimum virtual disk Heldigard)

METHOD-2 > W8T_KMS automatic activation

With servers online and upgradeable only place on the desktop to an external file

Here in this first screen you can click directly on leaving the option enabled automatic after 40 seconds or a minute (depends on our team may be less) online activation will occur. In this you need internet connection.
It may be that if we have a firewall we ask permission to internet access

In this case you can also enter in the box in automatic putting the name of the server you want to access or IP address
Also you can return to this screen after having chosen miniKMS function and activate using the minikms entering the IP address of the same (

Finally, this program is prepared for through a 1kb external file to update the server list and keep perpetually online activation.

Information about the update v1.1

-1 - KMS online

-1.1-Windows :

- A) - Ability to turn any NT6
(NT6.0: Vista, Server 2008) (NT6.1: W7, server-2008R2) (NT6.2: W8, server-2012)

-1.2-Office :

- To-create automatic online activation office 2010 and 2013
- B-Ability to activate office 2010 and 2013 using the alternative method miniKMS server from the online option
- Ability to use c-file (on the desktop) servers external online updater
- D-Increased speed in performing online activation

-2 - MiniKMS :
- To-Added the possibility of activation of NT6.0 and NT6.1 (eg servers seamlessly with WAT)
- B-Changed the previous script: correcting errors in the not deleted temporary files
- C-Resolved error Quemu not start after re-opening the W8T_kms.exe without having executed a pre-opening

W8T KMS 3.3 . rar

12.5 MB | English
Windows Vista/7/8





KMS 3.3 W8T Full Free Download with Crack\Serial key\Patch\Activator